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anima subtitles

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Your report is more then vague. I can't begin to guess what exactly you mean, but it's probably just a setting.

My best guess is that WMP default settings simply happen to be more compatible with the subs and video your using.

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It sounds like the subtitles file your playing isn't encoded to run within the resolution of the movie. Windows media player is a big bulky application with all kinds of unneeded excess space which probably give the oversized subtitles room to display.

However, if I am correct, its not mpcstar at fault, rather the subtitles are just too big to fit the video.

Its also possible that WMP is designed to adjust it's screen size to match subtitle size if it's larger then the video size. If this is the case, I'd rather mpcstar didn't do this, because the problem isn't the media player, its subtitles encoded to display on a different resolution video source.

So basically, you got the wrong subtitles and they don't match the video. They can be edited/readjusted if you want to look into ho it's done, but being a novice user, you'd probably be better to just do a search for a properly encoded set of subs for your movie.

ps. regarding my last post, I can't imagine what part of it confuses you, there is absolutely nothing technical in it. Perhaps you didn't know WMP=Windos Media Player?

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