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Can't Access Torrent Sites

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I'm a brand new user, and likely have done something stupid. I apologize in advance. After successfully downloading a few files, I attempted to get some from a different torrent server (guessing that's what they're called). It was "The Pirate Bay" I believe, and it asked me to register. I did, after several attempts. Then suddenly I couln't access any servers. HELP! What did I do? How do I fix it?

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You DON'T need to register on The Pirate Bay in order to download torrents!

So, obviously you got wrong that part. You may need to register in order to upload perhaps (I haven't used it that much, so I don't know for sure) but certainly not for downloading.

Then suddenly I couln't access any servers.

We have no idea in what application you tried to access the index servers or how did you try to do that (i.e. what exact steps you took). So, how do you suppose we could help you with virtually no info at all to work with, neither on your OS and client version nor on the conditions this "error" happens.

HELP! What did I do? How do I fix it?

:lol: This is totally hilarious. You tell us nothing about the steps, actions or modifications you did and then you ask us what you did? :lol: All, we could do at present time is start a guessing contest.

On a more serious note, there is an announcement on top of all help sections of the forum, named: READ THIS before posting. Make sure you read it and provide the info within, before making any post in the help sections.

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Ok, again, my bad. Let me try and provie the pertinent info this time. First an update which may give a hint to my problem. I'm noticing in the lower right hand corner a yellow icon and a message stating "Blocked:*.*.*.*:20112" As for my particulars, they are as follows:

BitComet ver. 1.22

Internet Connection: Cable

ISP: Cox Communications

Router: Netgear WGR614 v6

Cable Modem: Linksys BEFCMU10

OS: Vista Ultimate Ver: 6.0.6002 Ser. Pack 2 Build 6002

I'm not sure if my port (don't even know which port you're referring to) is open. Bear in mind that I was accessing the Torrent sites without problem, and had downloaded several files. My problem started when I went to one torrent site and when I went to dl, I arived at a site that I believe was "DownloadNow" or something, and it was there I was asked to register. That may have been my mistake. I'm really not trying to cause you people any grief, I will do my best to conform to your requirements, I just have to learn them.

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The yellow light issue is a separate unrelated thing. It's being addressed in the BitComet Wiki FAQ topic: I have a yellow status light and my download speeds are slow. What should I do?

For all other issues you may encounter while using BitComet you should first check the BitComet Wiki FAQ. Also the BitComet Wiki documentation provides detailed info on all of the program's features, for anybody's perusal.

As far as your other problem goes, as I said before I don't really, truly and clearly understand what is the problem?

  1. Are you trying to access an index site from your usual Internet browser or from the BitComet interface?
  2. If yes, what seems to be the issue?
  3. Do you get an error message or not? If yes, what does it say?
  4. Does that happen only for a certain site or for all of them?

Try to give an accurate description of both the problem and the steps you follow until you meet the problem by at least including answers to all the above questions.

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3.Do you get an error message or not? If yes, what does it say?

4.Does that happen only for a certain site or for all of them?

I get an error message on all the sites. It says "Page Not Found." Even on sites such as BTJunkie which I'd previously had no problem with. If fact, until I did that registration on DownloadNow, or whatever it was, I could open all the sites.

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It's not mandatory to access torrent index sites from within the BitComet interface.

When you access them from the interface, your browser gets redirected through Comet servers, which at times may be too busy or down. In that case you'll get an error message.

You can access any site you wish directly from your browser.

If you repeatedly (in any day) cannot access any torrent site from the interface and prefer to access them from within, then you should perform a clean reinstall of BitComet.

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The built-in BitComet browser is simply an older version of Microsoft Internet Explorer. It's an ordinary web browser, though pretty outdated now.

You don't need to use it at all and probably shouldn't. I haven't used it for years. I use my own installation of Firefox independently of BitComet, to visit, bookmark and browse bittorrent sites. This is better because I can bookmark the sites I prefer, and have them stay as I set them, rather than use BitComet's list, which can change at any time and won't store my discoveries.

When I download a torrent, I save it to a known location on my disk drive, where I can find it if I need it again. Then I use BitComet to open it for downloading. I don't delete the torrent until I am completely sure that I won't ever need it again.

There is nothing to be gained by filtering all the traffic through the BitComet servers, so I don't.

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That sounds extremely logical. And is what I've started doing. Just using BitComet to d/l. Would there perhaps be a downloadable list of torrent server ip's? That would be very helpful though I can figure them out through BitComet. Thanks for the help. :)

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While I'm not sure what you mean by torrent server IP's, the DNS system resists this.

That is, a name may translate to different IP's at different times, this is one method of load-balancing, and is also how some severs can relocate to another country but continue to be at the same domain name.

For example, today The Pirate Bay's servers may be in Sweden. Day after tomorrow, you'll find them in Georgia, but www.thepiratebay.org will still get you to them.

It's generally not good to try to reach them by IP address. Just use the name and let the current DNS records translate it for you.

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