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Start download when computer in idle time.

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Can you please explain what you are asking for?

The phrase "the computer in idle time" seems to make no sense at all, or rather could mean several completely different things. Literally, "idle time" happens for a fraction of a second, and is never a prolonged period, so you must be trying to express something completely different which I don't understand.

Additionally, "during the user's activity to establish a pause on automatical mode?" makes no sense to me either.

We understand that many of our users don't use English as their primary language, but your going to have to try a bit harder for us to understand you.

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I'm guessing that your having performance problems trying to access the internet when using bitcomet. This can be helped by simply following our settings guides and adjusting bitcomet to use an amount of bandwidth that doesn't interfere with your normal browsing etc.

The problem with your suggestion is that bitcomet would have already negotiated many "trades", which cannot be stopped as quickly as I think you'd like them to be. So basically, if this was implemented, you wouldn't notice a difference for several minutes after beginning to use the computer, and by then, you may no longer be needing it to "pause".

We do have the scheduler function that will allow bitcomet to slow down, or completely stop at pre-programmed times throughout the day/week.

Between the two suggestions I've made, I think you can greatly reduce the problem your having.

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