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CometBird Bug?

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Since version 3.6.4 i believe since now it is 3.6.6 I seem to be having a problem with cometbird crashing. If i am watching a video or watching say a game on espn, cometbird crashes and i can't use the internet anymore until i restart the computer. I can close the browser window but it will tell me another window is already running if i try to open it again. Also when this happens i can't ctrl, alt, del or use internet explorer until i restart. This does not happen if i use IE. I have a wireless modem and a dsl router. both netgear. I am also using only Vipre for firewall and virus. Any ideas would be helpful thanks.

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There was a lot of crashing problems with firefox which cometbird inherited, but this was for the most part fixed with version 3.6.6. I find it to be pretty stable, but since your having this problem, I'd recommend you try running it in safemode and see if the problem still exists.

If it does not, then I'd do a clean install by removing and reinstalling. If it crashes in safemode, then you may have bigger problems.

Also, it sounds like the reason you can't restart it is because the program is still running. In task manager on the "processes" tab, you can find cometbird and kill the process. Do this only if shutdown has failed to stop it.

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Thanks for the reply. I actually did uninstall it when it was version 3.6.4 and then installed new 3.6.6 but it didn't seem to help. I'll try the other suggestions tomorrow thanks. Just thought maybe someone has seen it since it doesn't happen with IE i figured it was a cometbird prob. I'll let you know.

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Well, Cometbird is a modified version of Mozilla Firefox. Its no more or less stable then firefox, but has some enhancements that are very handy. If you continue to have these problems, then it might help to get a list of all add-ons and extensions your using.

Also keep in mind that it's impossible to test a software program on every possible combination of hardware and software, so if it continues you may want to install firefox and see if you get the same problem, and perhaps inquire on their forums if you do.

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Hi Cshjoslyn. try this and see if it helps you ==

1. Open up your Firefox browser

2. In the address bar, not search bar type in about:config then hit the enter key

3. You will see a warning message, don't worry just click on I'll be careful, I promise

4. Simply type dom.ipc into the filter bar (you should return 6 lines all with dom.ipc)

5. Imagine that these are numbered 1-6

6. We don't want to touch the first one or the last one

7. Double click on the second, third, fourth, and fifth

8. This should change the value from true to false on each of the four

after you're done with these steps, clear browser cache/temporary files, close your browser, restart it, and see if it resolves your issue with videos, etc.

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