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Cannot get BitComet to work

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Hi to you all, I am a ‘Newbie’ and not the sharpest knife in the draw. :D I am in need of some help? I cannot get BitComet to work! It just Downloads “nothing” for a second in BitComet then says “finished” ? I maybe I have done something wrong in ‘Configuring’ BitComet or maybe it’s my

ATA + Modem Router situation is to blame. I have set Connections in BitComet to Default (512Mbs) in “Connection” and UPnP is checked.

Please See the Attachments (Screen Shots) they tell it all:





Okay here is what I am running on:

Dell Desk Top with LCD 20" Screen, Intel Pentium 4 CPU, 2.80 Gig (75 % ) Un - used + 512 Meg Ram with Intel 82845G/GL/GE/PE/GV Graphics Controller’ and Running MS Windows Pro XP P3 & MS Office 2007 (Non Commercial)! and MS Wireless Keyboard and Mouse. I am connected to Internode ADSL- 512- 246 5 Gig Internode B/Band “Uniden Dig 5.8GHz Cordless Phone (2) Handsets and Base (connected into the Linksys 3102 and ADSL Internode next to the Desktop) and to ‘MyNetFone VoiP’ Via a “Linksys 3102 Gateway ATA Voip Router” and a [Nov-2009 D-Link 502 T ] Modem!


I Run Zone Alarm Firewall, Spy Bot and Webroot Spysweeper + Malewarebytes, CCleaner & Win Defender Eusing Reg cleaner and Defraggler all get a “Walk” at least once every fortnight // A chckdisc was run on the 22 /06 / 2010 all was well.


ISP: Internode ADSL/ 512 & 246 X 30Gig :

Windows Firewall is off ‘ and Zone alarm has been set to ‘allow BitComet’?

Speed Check ---> 08-07-2010

Download 1.31Mb/s & Upload = 0.21Mb/s & Down 1300 / 8 = 130 KB/s & Up = 200 / 8 = 20 KB/s

Any help would be great and please explain in Detail as I am not up with Comp Language? :D :unsure:

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PC files are typically designated by their "type", meaning their intended use.

What we use is that portion of the full filename which follows the last period in the name.

For the file named "myfile.txt", the file type is "txt", short for text

for the file named "yourfile.doc" the file type is "doc" or document

For the file named "lots.of.periods.in.this.file.torrent" the file type is "torrent". Understand how it works?

For a file named "shutter_island 2010 BDRIP XVID.html", the file type is "html"

Now an html file is intended to be viewed in a web browser like FIrefox or Internet Explorer. It's a web page, plain and simple.

It is not any kind of bittorrent file.

A web page like this probably contains links to torrent files, but it's those links you need, not this web page. The thing to do with this web page is not to download it, but to treat it as a link and click on it, or copy the URL and paste it into your browser's location bar. It will then take you to the web site where you can download useful things.

HTML files are usually very small. Your system is doing what it is told to do -- not its fault that it is being given the wrong orders. You tell it to download the html file and save that to disk. It does that. Very small file, doesn't take much time at all. But that's not what you want done.

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Yeah, I think you better gave a detailed description on how you try to download stuff.

It is there where your main problem seems to lie (apart from having a closed listening port which will get you slow speeds even if you learn how to download with BitComet).

You can find detailed instructions about downloading with BitComet in the BitComet Wiki.

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Dear kluelos :) thanks you very much for your explanation about PC files. I now know what I am partly doing wrong and your detailed explanation has also made it possible for me to begin to have an Idea of what PC files, Web Pages, URL’s and Links are all about. I will digest this and do what 'greywizard' suggested with a better chance of understanding the ‘BitComet Wiki’ etc. I will also answer ‘greywizard’ here too" and describe what I have been doing (wrong)! Thank you very much for your patience and time ‘kluelos’. I am just one of those who are a bit daunted by all this stuff and cannot ‘see the forest for the Trees’ in Wiki’s & FAQ’s" I seem to understand thing’s better ‘One on One’ Cheers Mate :D Dasha

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Dear greywizard, :) I have been opening ‘BitComet’ then selecting say.... “BT Junkie” then Typing in the search box > Shutter......./ locating a ‘Video type’ copy of Shutter that has eg 5 seeds and 4 Leech’s / and this is where I think I am going wrong> I then Rht Click on the ‘Shutter’ file I have found/ Left Click in the Dropdown Menu on > ‘Download with BitComet’/ and that’s when it just downloads shutter.......html for a second (as you said kluelos). So I have tried 'Copy Paste' the File and have not noticed the 'URL' at the top of the “Message Box” in BitComet so I all ways finish up clicking > Download down the bottom of the Message Box.

So now I understand a little better' but where do I Copy and Paste the ‘URL’s to Guy’s? I will go and read the Wiki and FAQ’s again.

Is the ‘DHT not connected” still a problem greywizard?

Thank you for your time and reply greywizard Cheers Mate Dasha :D

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You needn't copy, paste or right-click on any link!

All you need to do is click on the link to a .torrent file. (When you hover the mouse over the link you should see a Name_of_the_torrent_file.torrent description in the status bar of your browser).

On most of the index sites that's found under the "Download" or "Download torrent" link/button. It's the simplest method! All the others work as well but they're intended for users who master well the basics of computers, OS and Web navigation, which doesn't seem to be your case exactly for the moment.

So stick to the simplest method.

Your browser should initiate the download of the .torrent file automatically and after it's finished BitComet automatically intercepts the download of the .torrent file and opens a dialog box with the properties of the torrent (allowing you to modify some of the parameters before adding the task).

The only thing that could interest you at present time is the download location. Once you made sure that it's the right path, you just hit the "Download now" button in the dialog box and the torrent should be added to your Task List.

It's all very well and with much greater detail explained in the Method 1-1 of the second Wiki topic (from the top of the page): Using BitComet to Download Torrents.

Unless you want to save the .torrent file in a special folder of your choosing (for later reusing) and if you use Firefox, as shown in that screenshot, you can choose directly "Open file with BitComet" and select the "Do this automatically for files like this from now on" check-box.

The second time you click on a torrent link, after your browser finishes downloading it, BitComet will capture it automatically and initiate the download without presenting you with the first dialog anymore.

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Hi greywizard :D Okay Problem was' I was left clicking on the wrong ‘Page’ and when nothing happened I Rht Clicking and the Clicking "Download With BComet" or I was was opening the Link Download Page Left Clicking but nothing was Happening” there was no Save AS “I thought”?? I use Firefox and behind that Page wwhere I could not see it' it was downloading to the “Firefox virus scanner Downloader” then my "Firefox Downloads Safe Folder"! But I could not see that and of course I was going back to the main Files Page Right Clicking and the selecting “Download with BitComet” and all I was getting was the http file address?

So when I woke up to this :blink: I went to the Download link Page > Left Clicked / waited for it to save then / Right Click on “Download with BitComet / then save to my assigned Download folder and all is well, to thaat stage anyway. The "torrent is in the Assigned Folder but I cannot get it to "play" I thought that KMPlayer or WMP was a “Client Player” and why has it encoded to AVI ? I thought it was MPEG and I could Burn it to a CD - Video –R-RW Disc' so I can play it on my Home DVD CD-Rec Player as I do not have a DVD burner. Maybe I can convert it to MPEG 2 Or MPEG 4 or WMV Is it? any thought’s greywizard? The old saying “sometimes a little knowledge is Dangerous” comes to mind here. :D Cheers Dasha

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...I cannot get it to "play" I thought that KMPlayer or WMP was a “Client Player” and why has it encoded to AVI ? I thought it was MPEG and I could Burn it to a CD - Video –R-RW Disc' so I can play it on my Home DVD CD-Rec Player as I do not have a DVD burner.

BitComet only transfers the content of the torrent, it doesn't change anything inside. In fact, as all BitTorrent clients out there it goes a long way to make sure nothing is changed inside the torrent's contents and that all the files are exactly the same that were uploaded by the initial seeder.

If you downloaded an .avi file, it's because that's what the initial uploader put out there and that's what you chose to download. You can easily verify the contents of a torrent, before downloading it (i.e. if it's not split into RAR archives).

It's nobody's fault but yours that you downloaded an .avi file when you needed a MPEG one. Over 80-90% of the video files out there are in AVI containers, so that's pretty much a de-facto standard out there.

If you want/need something different you can either pay attention what you're downloading, or learn how to convert video into MPEG format; but that's out of the scope of this forum's discussions and you may try other specialized sites like doom9.org, afterdawn.net, digital-digest.com, dvdbox and tons of others.

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Thanks’ greywizard and kluelos

I guess I have become a bit ‘tedious’ so I will move on! I now know about choosing which file to download. I did not before coming to you and “kluelos” I also know how to use BitComet and will continue even though I was about to “uninstall it all” when I first wrote for help! That’s why forums and Tech’s like you’ are such a big help to people like me. Without Forums proberly half of the App’s and software out there would never be used. People just would not bother.

Thanks again to you both for the help. Dasha

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