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Help! Need Bit-Comet to scan files after Download

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I am using Bit-Comet 1.22 and I have Avast internet security installed.

In Bit-Comet I have selected Tools> option > virus scan.On the virus scan page I have ticked Perform a virus scan after finishing a download.

and then under Anti-virus program path, I have selected the default path c:\program files\Alwil Software\avast5\ashQuick.exe.

But the files that were downloaded showed no sign of being scanned.Is it because of the Execute Parameters,which I had left blank along with the File extension field as I don't know what to do.

Please help me on this will ya.

thanks a lot.


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Thanks greywizard for leading me towards the solution but,there is one more thing I need to know, i.e Do I have to type in the file extensions from each of the three links? and can you give me an example on how these should be typed in and how one file extension be separated from the other.

thanks again ..bye!

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You don't have to type any of them. Those are extensive lists with almost all types of executable files' extensions for everybody's perusal.

If you want you can include as many of them.

But malware can also be hidden in archives or document scripts, so you may want to include extensions for those too. Depending on what you download mostly.

The default recommended extensions and the syntax are in the Wiki topic (.exe; .com; .dll; .scr; .ocx; .zip; .rar; .doc). These are the most common.

Other than those you can add any other extension you think you may encounter from the ones mentioned above (executables, archives, documents).

You'll have to make sure that in Avast, scanning for those file is enabled as well (i.e. archives) because the extensions you enter in BitComet are solely for the purpose of triggering the call to the antivirus module for those file types, as far as I can gather.

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Sorry!Greywizard I am back again you've been a very helpful but,In your instructions you had said nothing about THE EXECUTE PARAMETERS section of the Bit-Comet virus scan and I think that's the reason the scan is not working.But I have checked on the net and found this [link below]

<A HREF="http://www.tocomet.com/post/105325">Click'>http://www.tocomet.com/post/105325">Click Here</A>

What I didn't understand is the execute parameters part where it says [file name]/nomem/all

Can you tell me what [file name] stands for.Or explain this part a bit.

Sorry again for wasting you valuable time.And thanks!

I tried to create a link to that site it didn't work I see,don't know why thou! but the address to that site is


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There is no parameter for ashQuick.exe, that I know of; you have to keep it mind that the real command line utility in Avast is called aswcmd.exe but it's present only in the professional version of Avast, not in the free one. Calling ashQuick.exe from the command line is just workaround.

I haven't tested it myself, but some others reported it working. If it doesn't work for you, then you may need to either choose another antivirus or scan your files manually.

Unfortunately I don't have any current downloads containing executable files in my Task List, to test Avast, at present time.

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