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Can anyone who has tried Emule have a look at this comment. I am trying to decide wether to download & install emule. Have anyone that installed it found your downloads to more frequently find seeds & if so does it effect your overall download speed. please leave a commment. THanks Gang :P B) ;) :mellow: :blink: :blink:

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Some times it does, some times it doesn't.

This works on a per torrent basis. If there is an eDonkey resource for a torrent and it has enough eMule peers, it may bring you up to some few dozens additional kilobytes per second.

eDonkey Network isn't particularly known for it's very high speeds from what I know. But the main and most important advantage it can offer you is helping you finish very poorly seeded torrents, or even torrents for which the availability is under 100%.

That's when the true value of the plugin shows. Besides, for torrents which don't have resources on the eDonkey Network, the plugin won't upload either, so it doesn't take any toll.

Just install it, and make up your own mind. If you don't like/want it you can always simply disable it under Options-->eMule.

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I haven't ever tried the two together, but I have used both separately a lot.

I never look to ed2k for speed. THat's never been one of its virtues, and the bittorrent model is much more effective in terms of speed anyway. Ed2k's virtue has been with material that bittorrent just doesn't have.

This is understandable, given that eMule (e.gl.) uses the shared directory concept, so I can toss old stuff that few people want, into my share and it doesn't really cost me any resources -- not quite like keeping a torrent of that same material going.

I could, I suppose, theoretically, keep hundreds of torrents seeded and it wouldn't matter much provided nobody downloaded any of them. I'd still have to manage them though, so it's not like eMule's "just dump it in the share folder and forget about it" system.

For me, eMule's strength is availability. Bittorrent's is speed.

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