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Unable to use bitcomet since windows 7

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1) What version of BitComet are you using? 1.22

2) What type of Internet connection do you have (ADSL, etc.)? Cable 50Mb down / 5Mb up

3) Do you have a modem? Do you use a router? What make and model are each one of them? Have you forwarded your port? The modem is a modem and a router made by abee or something like that. The modem/router is locked though, no access to it for customers and you can't buy your own modem for the service because they use "special" modems for the 50Mb service, so they say. Also my computer is hard wired.

5) What version of Windows, Firewall and Antivirus do you use? Windows 7, Windows firewall disabled atm, Avira antivirus

Ok so the problem I'm having, ever since installing windows 7 is that when I start downloading any torrent with bitcomet the download speed is horribly slow, 5 to 15kb, and I lose the ability to surf the internet. about 5-10 seconds after I start downloading a torrent its like I lose my internet connection even though I don't. If I open IE or mozilla I just get a timeout error. If I stop the torrent, then about 30 seconds after stopping it I get the ability to surf the internet back. the only thing that does work correctly while a torrent is activated is the upload speed, that goes at 500kb no problem lol. I have tried turning off windows firewall and my antivirus and it does not help.

Oh one last thing, the download with start at 100kb or so sometimes but quickly drop down to the 5-15 range and the internet browsers always stop working.

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This is usually caused by not configuring your client. It must be tuned to your connection. See our settings guide (in the Guides forum) and our help wiki (link is up there /\ for information on testing and setting BitComet's global maximum upload speed. Bittorrent clients will eat all of your upstream bandwidth unless restrained and tuned properly for your connection.

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