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High download speed, but percentage remains at ZERO

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ive been having this issue abt a week ago, i tried updating my bit comet to the latest version but to no avail. whenever i start downloading a torrent, the speed goes up really high, but after downloading abt 150Mb of data in abt 10 minutes, the percentage is still ZERO(but it says i already downloaded 150MB, the pieces also indicates 0 out of 855). its really frustrating. Also, when i have this problem, i noticed that i have a unusual high connections of DHT which was like 1415. normally i would just get like 100+ or 200+ connections. Also, when i have this problem, i also cant upload, my upload speed is like 0, but i have really high download speed.

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Oh, im using bit comet 1.22. Ive attached some pics for further explain my problem. Now, im currently downloading a file. The speed is fairly high, but the statistics arent accurate. for example, i downloaded 1.5 percent of 7716MB. its says i already downloaded 177MB. By right it should be just 115MB (1.5%), the 4MB pieces also stated that its (29/1840)....total that up is around 115MB, Where is the extra data comin from??? And what is HIT RATIO on the disk read and write section on the STATISTICS TAB?? the hit ratio seems to be going down as time goes by?? Could this all be a failure of my hard disk?? But that day, i switched to utorrent, the info given was accurate, but utorrent is way to slow for me......



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Well, your first question was answered in your other topic here, wasn't it?

If you didn't even bother to read the answers why, post the same question again?

So, I'll repeat it. If you hover your mouse over the Downloaded Size value in the Summary tab you'll see a tool-tip statistics which divides the downloaded data. You can see in this topic (the Transfer section), detailed explanation for all that.

If the downloaded pieces don't pass the hash-check (i.e. the downloaded data for that piece is not identical with the original one) it will be discarded and re-downloaded, but still counted in the total download size. Logically, it won't increase the percentage since it's garbage data.

If you'd have read this topic you've been given in the other topic, it would be more clear now: What is “rubbish data” and why am I downloading so much of it?

As explained in the Wiki -> Detailed Info Pane -> Statistics tab the hit ratio value refers to the cache hit ratio and doesn't directly measure the performance of your drive or its health status.

Cache hit is a dynamic value and may go up and down depending on several factors (such as cache size, number of downloading tasks, the particular speed of each task etc.). Since many of these parameters vary themselves, it's logical that the cache hit ratio may vary.

If you wish to have higher cache hit ratio you can try to increase the min and max settings for the cache, in BitComet.

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