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Yellow light


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1) version 1.10

2) ADSL 24 Mbit

3) Modem D-Link, Router Zyxel, I'll get the model names if needed, Yes I have forwarded ports.

4) The modem only got one internet output, so that one is pluggen in my router. The router goes to my 4 computers. Two on the first floor, two on the secound floor. The ones on the secound floor goes through a switch without firewall.

5) I use windows XP with service pack 3, lastest patches available. I use the windows firewall and have added bitcomet both automatically and manually. I've also tried to shut down the windows firewall. I've got no antivirus installed on this computer.

6) The question is concerning the client, not certain torrent files.

7) Well it's not speed related at first. But I belive it´s concerning the speed.

I need some help with my Bitcomet client. I´m an experienced computer user and I´ve had no problems with forwarding ports, setting up servers or anything like that. But whatever I try, I can't manage to get anything else than yellow light in my bitcomet client.

I've gone as far as shutting down both the windows firewall and the router (by DMZ), and still not been able to recive anything else than yellow light.

How should I proceed? What´s the next step of "error-search"?

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Well, the models of your modem and router would have helped a long way.

That is to establish if your modem isn't also a router; in which case you'd have to perform a double NAT.

Until we clear that we can't dive into anything else.

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Taking you at your word, get the router out of the loop and connect directly to the modem for this test. Set BitComet to automatically configure the Windows firewall.

(You said you were an experienced user, so I am assuming you know for certain that your modem does not have a built-in firewall.)

Now with BC running, test your chosen listen port at www.canyouseeme.org.

If the answer's anything but "I can see your service on port xxxxxx", your port is still blocked.

This means one of two things. Either you have another software firewall running and don't know it. (VERY possible, happens a lot, you will need to take care of this possibility), or your ISP has you behind a firewalled connection, and there's really nothing you can do about that. (Or you were wrong, and your modem does, after all, have a firewall in it. In that case, imagine all of us pointing at you and laughing. Scornfully.)

If your connection is any form of wireless, the latter almost certainly so. If it is institutional, the latter is almost certainly so.

If, however, connecting directly through the modem does work, then your router is still not properly configured.

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