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Deleted task and downloaded files


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Well, theoretically, yes. But not through BitComet.

You'd have to use a recovery tool; you can find a bunch for free if you just google for "file recovery tool" or "file recovery application".

But there's a catch though; you'll be able to recover the files only if you haven't written any more data on the HDD, specifically, if the protions of the HDD where your files resided, weren't overwritten by other data.

If that's the case, you can usually recover all your files with a high success rate.

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The way Bittorrent downloads files, and the way Windows stores them, are basically incompatible. Windows wants a file in proper sequence. Bittorrent is as likely to hand you the very end of the file first, as it is the very beginning.

Therefore, the usual "recycle bin" and its routine for recovery of deleted files, is not available. Bittorrent has to bypass it.

So the rule is, DON"T. Don't "accidentally" delete files. Don't make this kind of mistake anymore. Be careful, because you can't easily recover from mistakes.

It seems like everybody has to screw up this way a time or two, and maybe even find out for themselves just how much trouble it is to try to recover an accidentally-deleted file.

Take the lesson to heart, and when it comes to deleting bittorrent files, get into the habit of thinking twice.

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