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laptop VS TV


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I am burning dvd on laptop with nero 7 and when I play it on tv it breaks up and freezes. It plays fine in the laptop and on my pc tower. If i burn the dvd on my tower using the same nero 7 and the same settings it works fine on the tv. Is this a problem with my laptop dvd drive or a performance issue with laptop itself.

It is a Gateway mx6440 laptop with a amd turion 64 mobile technology ML-32

Drive is dvd+/- rw multi formant double layer up to 8.5 gb


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It's more likely an issue with the DVD player. They can be extremely fussy, and they are also completely closed -- won't tell you what's wrong.

My first suggestion: buy an old, used, slow laptop with an appropriate video adapter, and use it to play disks through the TV. Give the deck away or trash it. The computer can handle a lot more formats, doesn't lock you in to existing technology, is much more flexible, easier to use, allows much longer titles, can be easily networked, &c.

Second suggestion is similar: buy a new deck that will play disks from both machines (Take the disks with you when you're shopping.) Make sure the new deck supports DivX. You probably needed a Blu-Ray deck anyway.

If neither of those appeals, try burning with different brands of blank DVD and see if it makes a difference. Go with DVD-R, that being the closest to prerecorded VDVD, burn it no faster than 4X, and try TDK (because they're the most consistent among major brands of blanks). If you were using store-brand, no-name or discount blanks, don't. Also try Verbatim if the TDK's don't work.

Brands that are known to be highly variable (not saying that they're bad, just that what you bought last April may not be the same as what you'll buy in September) include HP, Fujitsu, Kodak, Memorex and GQ -- in fact, most name brands. These companies buy blank disks in bulk and have their name put on them, but they come from the low bidder and not always the same factory or manufacturer, thus can use different dyes, plastics and processes.

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