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CometPlayer Trouble

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Hi I just wanted to report a bug, ( unless I am doing something wrong ^^ ) During playback on a playlist, after a song is over instead of skipping to the next track, it just stops, I have repeat all on, highlighted all the songs in the playlist, right clicked, play all, and other variations, but still can't seem to get continuous playback. CometPlayer Version Windows 64x Operating system. Thank you very much, seems like a winer if I could get that continuous playback going.

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V0.6, windows 7 32bit here and the "repeat all" feature works perfectly, with and without shuffle.

Give a little more detail to your posts...

What file extension, what codec? What type of playlist? etc...

to clarify,

OS, windows 7 64 bit

CometPlayer version

File extensions being played are .mp3

My audio driver/codec

Realtek HD audio, driver version, 6.01.6151, audio controller: HD Audio, Audio Codec: ALC889

Type of playlist, One generated by CometPlayer.

My Hardware

specs are: 955 Deneb, 3.2ghz quad core processor

8gigs ddr3 ram

in SLi : GIGABYTE GV-N460OC-1GI GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi) 1GB 256-bit GDDR5

MoBo: MSI NF750-G55 AM3 NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard

I just bought 2 HDD's to run raid, installed windows 7, hooked up my portable HDD and wanted to watch something, realized I was without my usual media player, Media Player Classic, went to download it and found a comment saying that MPC Star was better as it came with all the video codecs, so I thought I would give it a try, I loved it because I didn't search for any codec packs myself. Because I liked it so much I decided to use CometPlayer that came with it a try, to see if I would like it as much, so I got my favorite CD, copied all the songs to a folder dropped it in the CometPlayer play list window, Saved it as a playlist. In the top right corner, I right clicked on the playlist name, and from that menu I chose "Play List" the newly created list started playing. Went back to browsing the web to download some other apps for my fresh OS install, while doing so after the first song was over it stopped playing. So naturally I clicked the "Repeat" button on the bottom of the window and checked "Repeat All" double clicked track 2, went back to browsing, after track 2 ended, again it stopped. So I right clicked on the saved playlist name and chose, "Play List" thinking that when I double clicked track 2, the player took that as a "play this one song command". The playist started over at track one. Again went back to browsing, again after track one ended, it stopped playback. Tried Shuffle, and made sure "Play All" was still checked, it was. After playing the next song, it ended and did not go to the next track... The CD being played was ripped into my music folder, and from my music folder was where I generated the playlist. I downloaded 1by1 my old favorite mp3 player, as it is a directory player, went to my music, found my recently created CD copy, opened it, and all song's played, continuously on 1by1. So it wasn't the mp3's. I even made a new playlist in CometPlayer with .mp3's from my portable HDD, still got no continuous playback, I double made sure repeat all was checked too.

thats as clear as I could get :lol:

Again like the program, light on resources, like the CometPlayer look as I do alot of cinema4d work and make my own wallpaper and mostly it's blue/black, my favorite colors, and your skin "deepblue" fit's tons of my rendered art work.

On a side note, I tried messing with it some more today, got it to play 3 tracks ( out of 14 ) continuously, but stopped after the third track..... =(

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We believe you. It's just that the devs need details to find and fix the bugs.

I'm looking forward to see if they can reproduce it. I still can't.

Maybe it occurs only in a 64bit OS...

LE: After a bit more testing it finally happened to me too. It seems to happen randomly, regardless of the track name, position in play list or how many tracks played before it.

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