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Downloading w/o BitComet

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When I'm on a webpage and wanting to download a file. I click on the download button and BitComet pops up. I do not want to download regular files with BitComet, just want to download them directly from the webpage to my computer. Is there a setting that will allow me to download regular non-torrent files without BitComet popping up. When I click that I do not want BitComet to download the file the standard pop to download does not appear. I have turned BitComet OFF and the program still wants to download the file. I am running BitComet 1.23, cable, router/modem, and McAfee Firewall and Anti-Virus. Not that the hardware configuration should matter in this scenario. If there is something I have omitted it is not due to the lack of "Read this First" and FAQ's, otherwise I would have posted this problem this morning. (Just kidding)

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I'm having the same problem here too. Is it somewhere in the setting?

Because if I still have to use BitComet to download videos for example from, Youtube, then it would still have to download from the start of the file unlike before when you only need to right click then save the flash video.

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This was an option when you installed BitComet. One thing you should know first is anything you download from the web via http or ftp is handled by some type of download manager. Pretty much every web browser has a very basic download manager built in, but most cannot download using more then one connection, and cannot resume a broken download.

If your using Internet explorer there is an option in bitcomet to uninstall integration...

tools>options>integration>uninstall IE integration.

For firefox and cometbird, you can remove it by going to...


Then remove the bitcomet add on.

A better option for Firefox/cometbird would be to get the "flashgot" extension. This will give you a popup window everytime you download a file and you can select bitcomet, the default download manager they use, or any other download manager you desire.

Personally I think BitComet is one of the best http/ftp download managers you can get, and certainly the best free one. I have tested it and in some extreme examples have seen it download very large files over 40 times faster then IE or Firefox default download manager. There are however times when a website won't let you download using more then one connection, so you would have to change your settings, or just download without using bitcomet, which is very easy if you use flashgot.

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