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help with download speed!!!!!

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alright i know i know. but i am not computer smart by any means hence why i am posting this so please no smart comments. so same issue with the blocked listen port and my download speed is 1kb/s and im not able to download anything. i have tried the website where it is supposed to unblock your port for you no success. i have reviewed many posts about firewalls trying all the stuff there and even turned off the firewall w/ no success. i am at a hotel which i know the speed wont be fast but should be greater than 1kb/s right????? i have windows xp, good connection 54kb/s (i know not actually what im getting with other people on). when i tried to unblock the listen port it gave reccomended port numbers i have tried them. and tried to choose random ports also and still blocked. i have also minimized the services running on the computer and freed up space on my hard drive, ran disk cleaner and defragmenter. if you need any other info please ask cause i dont know what else will help figure this out. but if its just a wifi issue with other people on let me know that also. thanks in advance to anyone that tries to help.

bitcomet version 1.23

internet connection is wifi off a hotel network

im not sure of the router type or if they have more than one router

i have windows xp with windows firewall and avg antivirus version 8.5.445

speed test results are

download 65.3kb/s

upload 20.4kb/s

ping test 371ms

this seemed to be alot lower than the average


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Your connection is almost certainly behind a firewall which you cannot control. That's true of most institutional connections -- hotels, dormitories, colleges, offices, anywhere the internet connection is included with the facility rather that something you arrange for separately. It's also true of most types of wireless connection.

This obliges you to operate in "no listen port" mode, which will be quite a bit slower, but you have no alternative.

The firewall blocks unsolicited incoming traffic to you. This is what a firewall does. Since the vast majority of that unrequested traffic is malicious, many people see this as a good thing. However, P2P is all aboutt your peers be able to initiate contact with you.

Firewalls are like gates. If the first gate is closed, it doesn't matter whether the others are open or not -- the path is blocked by the first one.

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Nope. Actually NONE of us can help you.

Posting in a section called "Incomplete and deleted topics" isn't going to get you a lot of help.

Go to the "BitComet General" section, read the link named "Read This Before Posting" (on top of the page) then make a proper post providing as much details as possible about your issue. Then perhaps we'll be able to help you, of course.

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