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Cometbird using all my cpu!!

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Cometbird(CB) arbitrarily decides to eat all my cpu :angry: . This does not appear to be related to actual use, it happens while only surfing or it can happen while surfing/streaming/dl'ing all at the same time. It all of a sudden slows to a crawl. This was a big problem with FFox about a year ago, it was the plug-in container to blame in that case. Eventually I switched browsers to CB and Safari. Safari does not get this problem. It began with this install of CB after a few months of no problems, then gradually got more frequent. I have to kill it in TaskMgr and restart CB then all is normal for a while. Anyone got a clue?



P4, XPsp3/Ubuntu dual boot, fully updated OS and drivers, SAS Pro/SpywareBlaster/Spybot, RAM=1.2Gb, Proc=1.45Ghz

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CometBird is Firefox. And yes, this does happen to me frequently.

I use a tool called "Process Explorer" from sysinternals.com , which is much more capable than Task Manager, and is freeware. I use it to kill the Firefox process when this happens. I'm not real fond of this either, but I haven't found a solution.

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I do use Process Explorer too but i do use it to kill plogin-container only and i will continue with my Surfing

But to get rid of this a little bit you need to disable Shockwave Flash plug-in you wont have problem with plug-in-container

In case you will need to Stream video you have to enable the Shockwave Flash plug-in so you don;t get adobe flash player error


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