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WTF? MPCstar 4.9 problem


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Ok so I upgraded MPCstar a while ago from 4.8 to 4.9 and now a problem has come about. The new version has problems with subtitles. Everytime I open a .mkv file it doesn´t automatically show the subs as before. I have to choose from the "subtitle box/bar"(Right click): English to No subtitles and back to English subtitles to see them. Is that a bug or is it my computer? I havent had any problems with MPCstar before. I mean nothing and suddenly theres this. I have tried tens of players and I have come to the conclusion that MPCstar is the best for me, but this annoying thing is seriously eroding my trust to this player.

Sorry for my english but Im sick(fever) and Finnish...

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Yes, every single one, but the weirdest thing is that this hasn`t happened on any of the previous versions. :huh: Do you happen to keep any of the older versions such as 4.8 so I could download it while you develop the 5.0 or 4.95 or something. If not may I inquire when the next version is coming out (even thought 4.9 just did)

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