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The most weird Problem :( Plz help

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I am facing a really weird problem, which I've faced a couple of times earlier as well on different OS as well. After sometimes, it automatically ( I don't know when) starts to behave good n normal.

Right now, m using win7 32 bit n again facing the same problem.

The problem is, When I start downloading a torrent, it starts on normal d/l speed. Shows that it is downloading the data, but ACTUALLY it doesn't download any data. The Percentage (%) remains the same, and the file doesn't ACTUALLY DOWNLOAD, though it pretends all other things to be normal :(

I am in great urgency n problem, plz help me. That'll be very kind to all of you. Plz.

Thanks. Waiting for your prompt reply.

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Post a screenshot (maximized window) of the Summary tab of such a torrent which "downloads but doesn't download".

Could you explain what you mean by "though it pretends all other things to be normal".

We don't know what is normal to you, so be specific.

Also there is a link on top of the page called "Read This before posting"; try reading it.

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1. I am using Bit Comet 1.23

2. I am having a 1Mbps DSL Broadband connection

3. My Modem is ZXDSL 831CII

4. I am using a Norton 360 antivirus system.

5. This problem is not related to a specific torrent, it is happening with all the torrents m trying to do.

By the sentence 'every other thing is pretending to be as normal',

I meant that bitcomet is behaving normally, like getting speed, showing the downloaded amount of data, green port forward sign, but the PERCENTAGE does not increase and the data ACTUALLY isn't downloaded.

You can see that the download file is of 7.90 GB. That means 7.9MB should have been downloaded to increase the percentage to 0.01%, but I've downloaded 35MBs in total (u can see in the screen shot) but the Percentage hasn't moved a bit.

Note: for other torrents, I did download a lot more than just 35Mbs, but the problem remained the same.

If you need any other information, plz let me know.

Best regards, thanks a lot.

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Well, you're wrong. 1GB = 1024MB not 100MB, so 7.9MB out of 7.9GB is less than 0.001%. But in fact you have downloaded only 1.4MB of valid data. The rest up to 35MB is garbage data. Since BitComet displays only 2 decimals it's no wonder that you didn't see any increase in percentage.

The percentage is calculated using the amount of valid downloaded data. The garbage data is being discarded because it's useless.

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The first think I'd suggest is that you try some other torrent than a new-release game. That has a very high probability of being a poisoned torrent which is not ever intended to succeed, but to frustrate you into giving up.

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