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Please make sure to post in the proper forum.

Why would we be under the RIAA's "thumb"? As our Forum Terms & Rules openly states

DO NOT ask for RESEEDS, SEEDS, TORRENT/FILE PASSWORDS, ANY direct download links, or make any TORRENT REQUESTS, as we do not host any downloadable file.

  • We cannot and will not give links to direct downloads, due to the extremely complex issues related to Internet Piracy.
  • Discussions relating to the practice of software piracy (including where to get warez), computer hacking, cracking, phreaking and anything generally illegal or immoral are forbidden. Discussions of things that are fattening are, unfortunately, still permitted. cool.gif
  • Direct links to warez sites, cracks, hacks (i.e. illegal hosting of applications or games) within the posts of the BitComet forum are not allowed, nor is uploading of such files on the Forum. We emphasize that we DO NOT APPROVE of this. Should you spot any of these on this forum feel free to report that to any member of the moderating team.
  • Members are reminded that, if they do post direct download links, their post(s) will be deleted ASAP, without prior notice. However a PM will be sent to the user, reminding him/her of this rule and/or the warning status will be raised. Repeatedly, failing to comply to this rule will eventually end up with a BAN promptly issued to the member. Additionally, members are reminded that in posting direct links to file downloads which are in violation of copyright laws, they may be subject to International Piracy Laws, which will not be imposed upon Bitcomet or its staff, but only on the author of the post himself/herself.

If, as you state, you indeed have been using our site "for years" (I'm assuming that you're referring to the Old BitComet forums here, as this one's only about one and a half years old), you'd, of course, know that we only offer support for the client, here. :)

*topic moved to General Questions*

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Thank you........ :) Just got a little nervous!! This will always be a personal use site for me, Iam fully aware of piracy laws. in requards to the RIAA? well.......... I will keep the comments to a minimum, :lol: Thanks for easing my mind on this issue! All the best,Datsun240z4

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