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MPC 4.9 no soundhelp plzz!!!!!!!!!


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No, not really. You get pictures and complete guides and all that with software that you buy. Free software doesn't come with all that stuff because there's nobody to pay for its creation. If you want to use freeware, you need a lot of initiative and a lot of willingness to teach yourself about computers.

Mostly that will mean that you need to explore and poke around, try different things and learn as you go along.

We're all volunteers here, donating our time and efforts. We don't have the resources to create illustrated documentation, or sometimes any documentation at all beyond what came with the program. We can guide you in your efforts to help yourself, but the major burden is still on you to do that.

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I was having the same issue mentioned above. I could see my sound graph in win 7 volume control moving, but no sound.

A friend of mine used my pc and stuffed up my star player somehow. (Think it was muting while playing flash)

Found that if I play a flash file and unmute (In the star player) it solves my problem. Sound issue resolved!!!


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