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Download freezing window

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Hi to the CB staff,

I get some troubles when downloading a file or a pic, the download window freezes a few seconds before locating the downloaded folder CB 3.5.5

Any help to solve this issue ?

CB is slow even when sending an email via my yahoo webmail or when posting a message in a forum

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You will probably do better addressing this issue to the firefox forums. CometBird is Firefox.

I don't clearly understand your problem, so you might want to work on the clarity of your description when you ask them.

You should probably also see if you can recreate the same problem under firefox.

I do strongly discommend the Outpost firewall and suggest you get rid of that, though.

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Third-party firewalls block outgoing traffic except as they are told to allow it.

This means that when you install them, you get bombarded with questions:

"Thisapp.exe wants to access the internet. Allow it? (Y/N)"

"Thatapp.exe wants to access the internet. Allow it? (Y/N)"

"Theotherapp.exe wants to access the internet. Allow it? (Y/N)"

Dozens of questions, all the time, for the first few days.

Now maybe, just maybe, you are conscientious the first time. Maybe you google "thisapp.exe" to see what it is, and you find that it's your chat client. Well, you certainly want to allow that, so you tell it, "yes". Now the firewall allows your chat client to access the internet.

It doesn't come with any kind of list of "good" or "innocent" software that it knows to allow, instead it asks you about everything.

Maybe, the second time, you also look up "thatapp.exe" and find it's your email client, and tell it to allow that. The third time it's some program you use that wants to check for updates. You tell it to allow that.

On and on it goes, till you get to a point where you think, "they've ALL been things I want to allow so far!", and you just answer "yes already! (Now stop bugging me!" whenever it asks. It has now trained you to do this.

In order to detect applications that might be dangerous to you, it does not come with an internal list that gets updated, or referred to an expert for advice. Instead, it punts the whole issue to the LEAST qualified person, namely you.

If you allow a malicious application through, why then, it's YOUR fault, you let it through. (Ok, but then what good is this firewall to you?)

I discommend third-party firewalls for anyone who needs to ask.

Outpost has specific weaknesses and problems. I found in my testing that it reported many false positives and could not even protect its own executable. To me, that makes it just useless garbage sucking up resources for no benefit. If you just HAVE to have a third-party firewall try Commodo, or Kerio Free

The built-in Windows firewall is very good and entirely adequate. If you have a router, it has a built-in firmware firewall that can't fail to start, can't be corrupted, doesn't take up memory or CPU time and doesn't return false positives. Neither of these watch for outgoing traffic, but your basic hygiene practices are supposed to prevent things from getting to the point where you need to worry about that.

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