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hey everyone,

i'm new at the forum,and also a little green starter on those subjects ( and bad english translator)

My problem is an torrent of 5,5 Gb large that doesn't fit a regular dvd disc.

No possebillity to burn an doubble layer .

Is it possible to devide the video file on two disc's or an other way to go around this problem.

Manny thanks


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Are the contents of the download meant to be a single dual-layer DVD in format? If they are, that's one thing, and you must convert that to some other format -- you must basically rip the video files from it first. One large advantage to this is that the video DVD format is medieval, and a modern video form will occupy much less disk space without any loss of quality.

If the contents of the download were already ripped from such a DVD and are simply a collection of video files in some other format, then these can be split up any way you find convenient, as many files as will fit on one disk, the rest on a second disk.

Thus, the answer is critically dependent on the contents.

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Those filenames are what you get on a video DVD. If there are no gross indications (like, a folder named "Disk 2'), and they are more than 4.4 GB in total size, then it's meant for a dual-layer disk. You can't split it as is and have it work.

You can install virtual drive software (Daemon Tools, Alchohol 120%) which will allow you to mount the files in a virtual dl drive. If you do that, you have a couple of alternatives.

One, you can just use it like that. You can arbitrarily burn some of the files on one optical disk and the rest on another, but you can't use those disks. You're treating them like data disks, not like video. You will need to recopy those files back to your hard disk, reassemble the disk image, and re-mount it on your virtual drive in order to use it.

Two, you can rip from the virtual drive into, say, an Xvid-formatted .AVI file on your hard disk, which will be much, much smaller. You can burn that .avi file to an optical disk and treat it just like any other. You can then pretty much discard the original image.

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There is also a method of backing up DVD9 discs (a.k.a. double layer discs) on two DVD5 discs (a.k.a. single layer DVD) which doesn't involve re-enconding or transcoding the video files. But don't expect it to be a one click process. It involves actually changing a little of the programming info in the .IFO files.

If you're eager to learn and experiment then you can follow the guides from this link (in the Guides-->DVD Backup-->DVD/miniDVD-->DVD backup guides-->DVD9->2DVD+R: http://www.doom9.org/.

Or you can use the partial backup guides from the same page, a bit lower.

They're rather old but then again so is the DVD format too, so they should still work with no problems.

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