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Recently I have been trying to login to the client using the dialog at the bottom left, but upon entering my details and clicking sign in it changes to the bit comet logo and the pulsing images next to it and has the login link below it and stays as that not actually logging me in. I am currently using version 1.23 is there any explanation for this? P.S my login is correct as I have logged in via the website which works fine.

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Sorry, you've got us too confused.

You don't need to/can't log in to the client. There's just no such concept.

You can log in to CometID, but this is unconnected with the client in any direct way.

You pretty much either log in successfully, or you don't, and if you don't, it tells you so. I cant' really make much sense of your description of what you're seeing.

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normally this problem occurs when the installation of the bitcomet has got corrupted. You can either reinstall the windows or you can search for a folder named "Roaming" somewhere in your C drive. It would contain the bitcomet important files. You should delete it and uninstall bitcomet then reinstall it and i am pretty sure the problem will be resolved.

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