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Does bitcomet hash-check every piece before wiring to disk?

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&Does bitcomet, while downloading a torrent, hash check every piece before writing to disk?

I have a torrent of 80GB and there seems to be 400MB that didn't pass the hash-check.

And how does bittorrent/Bitcomet hash-check the entire torrent after downloading, on file-level or piece-level?

*Also I need a way of determining which files of the few thousand are corrupt/incomplete. simply clicking the size column under "files" doesnt work,

since all files are stored in seperate dirs I still have to wade through all of them finding which files have xxx% complete.

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All BitTorrent clients hash-check only on piece level, they are not aware of files, as far as integrity check goes, since there is no provision for that in the protocol. And that's a good thing, too.

After downloading, BitComet doesn't check the torrent again unless told specifically to do so, and also in certain specific cases (see Hash Checking Conditions in the Wiki).

If you click on the "Progress" column header once, it will sort the unfinished files on top.

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