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WebSeed Not Working?

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I Use The Latest Update Bitcomet 1.23

I Have ADSL 512 KPPS

I Have Repotec Router RP-IP2401A

I Have Symantec Norton 360 v2 Working Charm With Forwarded Ports

I Have Microsoft Windows Xp Professional Service Pack 3

I Forwarded My Port And Its Green Means Working

My Problem That I Made Torrent

The Mirror From http://www.ripway.com

Here Is The Mirror:


Here Torrent File:


Peers Connected Ok

But Seeds 0?

I Used Public Tracker

Why That Any Explanation?

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BitComet has always considered seeders to be those OTHER than you. After all, you're here and seeing the display at all, and if you aren't getting a tracker error the existence of the display of peers shows that you yourself are present in the swarm. It's really a matter of preference whether to include you in the count or not, but BitComet has always done it this way, so that when the count rises above zero, you know that somebody else has downloaded the whole thing and started seeding too.

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I'm struggling to understand.

You say you created a torrent file. Look at it.

Look at the size. Notice that it's very small. It could not possibly contain the contents, the movie or tv show or album that it's about.

The content must come from a seeder. IN this case it must come from you because you created the torrent.

You uploaded the torrent to a tracker, but now you must seed until there are others who have complete copies of the contents, and can take over seeding in their turn.

I don't understand your reference to "webseed" at all. What are you talking about?

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