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1.24 won't download to my WHS on the network


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Hi there,

I just upgraded to 1.24 today and am now having difficulty downloading to my home server. When looking for the directory, I browse and pick from the list as usual. When I click download a pop up comes up and says "Tip: Please input full pathname." This has never been a problem before and I have been downloading to the server for almost 2 years without issue. I don't understand why the pathname would be incomplete now when it wasn't an hour ago and Bitcomet built it it's self from browsing to the right folder.

It continues to download an existing torrent to the server, it just won't download anything new there.

I am on Vista with Norton 360 and the server has WHS 2.5. I have cable internet with a linksys router with all the ports forwarded correctly.

I would appreciate any help to fix this up.


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This may be just a bug in the new version. I don't have any PC in the network right now, to test this.

Try mapping the network drive (of the WHS) into the local system (the one on which BitComet is running). Use the mapped network drive in the download path for BitComet to see if that works out the issue.

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There has been a report of 1.24 being unable to use a remote drive identified by IP address. This looks like the same issue, or one so similar that it probably has a similar cause.

I'm moving this TO bug reports as it definitely looks like a new problem with 1.24.

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