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Bitcomet and what it does in the background


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I like bitcomet but haven't been using it for a while now because I noticed that when I had it up and running that my HDD would fill up to the point of stopping me from adding anything to it without deleting something. And when I start with a fresh HDD installed all my programs and the OS from scratch I see only 40GB-50GB of used space and after installing bit comet and downloading maybe 20GB of stuff I notice that my HDD has bloated to 40GB+ but if I start from scratch and use utorrent instead that I don't have the bloating thing happen. So I know that bitcomet is using my HDD as a storage facility without my consent but I probably agreed to it in the eula that no one actually reads. I don't mind sharing the things I download in fact I actually try to upload at least 150%+ of the items I get but what I do not want is my system to be used as a repository for items that I do not download or to be turned into a server against my will. And when I try to search my system for the downloaded content it is so hidden that I can't find it so I can delete it manually and only a complete format and reinstall is the only way to get rid of it. Like I said I am OK with seeding but I want to be able to choose what I store for the P2P network and not have that data hidden from my view. I am very impressed with the increases in speed which is related to my seeding habits and level of membership but because of the hidden data storage that severely interferes with my system and new content etc... that I have had to stop using bitcomet. Can someone please tell me how to either set the data storage limit (and I know I am not being paranoid because since I stopped using bit comet the HDD bloat has stopped) or how I can find the files to delete them when they stop me from saving new content and or creating new files. I use graphics software and like to save my own stuff too. Thanks

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Allow me to introduce you to my little friend, the Paragraph.

In your settings you have the option to have all of the space that a download will require, reserved at the beginning of that download. This assures that you have enough space to complete the download, but it does seem to tie up a lot of space that can't be otherwise accounted for.

You can disable this option, so that the file grows as it actually needs the space. Remember that bittorrent downloads are NOT sequential. You never know which piece you're going to get next, so orderly and predictable file growth isn't really possible.

However, if you run out of disk space in mid-download, BitComet must simply stop and wait for you to free up more disk space. You can think a torrent's been happily downloading all night, only to find that it stopped shortly after midnight waiting for you to make room for it to grow.

You have to choose which problem you'd rather have.

Most bittorrent clients including utorrent have this elementary management option.

BitComet does not "share" anything. That's not how bittorrent works. You have to choose which tasks to seed, and you must actively start those tasks. Nobody can come and look at what you've downloaded, to see what they want to download. That entire concept does not apply. BitComet deosn't store or transfer anything that you don't specifically command it to.

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