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I have recently completed a couple of downloads, all seems well until I attempt to open them, I then get a message stating " player program does not exist" frankly I can follow this, I assumed the obvious and changed players (LOL if you must) but still had same or similar answer. So what IHave I spent time downloading -nothing???

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As long as the download is complete, BitComet's job is done. Moved to General Questions section.

The problem is as it states, BitComet can't find your system's default player. Either due to misconfiguration on your part or an error during the installation of your player. You can either change the default player for your whole system in Control Panel/Program defaults(your OS is classified so I can't be more specific than that), or go to Options/Advanced/ui.preview_program_path and set the direct path to your desired player's executable.

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Guest Artbabe

this happen after

You install The BitComet in one OS

Then from other OS You execute exactly that BitComet

BitComet _that god bless it_ is a Portable program

its all settings is in the APP folder

Some players is is defined as environmental Path ,like %PROGRAMFILES%

go to the settings of the App

in the Advanced section

define the path of ur favorite Player

if u installed K-Lite ,MPC

or WMP

JetAudio (bitComet like it !!)

in some occurances ,installing several Players can confuse ur Registry

extensions & associations

especially if u are NOT deleting FileExt section in Current_USER

is that enough ?

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As far as I can tell, you're conflating two different processes.

If you tell BitComet to open the file using its OPEN command from the files tab, then (if the file isn't a known type like .jpg or .txt) it will try to execute the program designated in its options as the ui preview program and feed that program the path of the download as a parameter. If you've got a bad pathname for that program you will likely get this error. If you simply copy the bitcomet program and preferences to another computer without installling it, then it's quite likely this will happen -- that the pathname to the player is different and no longer correct for the new system.

If you use Windows Explorer to find the downloaded file and double-click on that file, then Windows checks its file associations and tries to execute whichever program is associated with that filetype.

Yes, every viewer you install wants, by default, to take over all of the associations that it can. In order to avoid this, always choose the "advanced" or "custom" install option, whichever is offered, and you will usually have a chance to specify what, if any, extensions you want the newly installed software to take over. You can also address associatons directly in Windows Explorer under Tools -> Folder Options -> File Types or download a utility for managing extensions.

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