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Mobile dongle troubles


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Hello, hope someone can help me, I've been trying for hours now to get the port opened but still shows the yellow light... I have also tried to see if my mobile dongle has a firewall but also no joy with that..I am starting to go slightly mad :blink: lol

Is there any way to open the port with a mobile dongle?

Many thanks

Asher :D

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The ZTE MF626 is just a modem, it doesn't block any ports.

Most wireless connections are firewalled by the ISP. You can call them and ask about this but they'll always find a reason to send you on your way.

So, I'm afraid you'll have to just operate in no listening mode, even though you'll have very low transfer rates.

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Mobile firewalling is actually deliberate, as it prevents anyone from running a server on the mobile connection. Since you're sharing telephone and internet service on a very limited connection, and since you ARE mobile -- moving from place to place -- you could easily suck up enough bandwidth with a server, (or with Bittorrent) to interfere with the phone traffic and other internet traffic. (This is the same reason most public hot-spots are firewalled.)

It's very difficult to limit you when you are mobile because your connection will switch from tower to tower as you move. Mobile internet is very much an afterthought and was never intended for anything but low bandwidth use like email checking and moderate web-browsing.

What that means is that your ISP won't just shine you on, they will actively refuse you. That is, if you can get past the customer service types with the 3-ring binders, you may get to a technician who will then tell you, "not no, but h*** no." as far as getting you out from behind the firewall.

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