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Downloaded Text files cannot read Chinese fonts


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The BitComet v1.23 and v1.24 has problems with all text files (*.text).

After downloaded the video with text files, then when it's opened with notepad, wordpad and/or microsoft word, all the chinese, Japanese, etc fonts except the english font are unreadable.

Please help and advice me.

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Do a manual hash check on the finished task. If it comes back up to 100% progress after the hash check is finished, then it means that BitComet has transfered integrally without any corruption, whatever data it was in that torrent.

BitComet doesn't care what data it transfers (it isn't even aware what it transfer, for that matter). Once the transfer is done BitComet's job is done; you can do an additional check on the integrity of the data (as I instructed you above).

If that comes up OK, it means that either the files you downloaded were corrupted in the first place or (in your particular case) it could mean that your system isn't set up to display whatever fonts you need to see.

Neither of the latter two above, is BitComet's business.

P.S. There is no such thing as "English" fonts. English as most of European and American continents' languages, use the Latin alphabet (with small variations from one language to another). All these languages usually use one of the Latin-related subscripts in Unicode encoding or Latin-related codepages in the OS when non-Unicode encoding is being used into the file. To my knowledge, you need to have installed/activated support for Asian languages, in order to display the Chinese or Japanese ideograph fonts in most applications if the encoding used by the text file is non-Unicode or if the file uses Unicode encoding but your OS doesn't have built-in Unicode support.

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