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Two Bit Comet (I think) issues


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I recently upgraded to BitComet 1.25 hoping that the issues I was having with 1.24 were resolved.

It appears that they haven't been.

Issue #1) BitComet not always recognized as the associated program for torrent downloads.

Issue #2) BitComet stops responding. Occasionally I get the message from BitComet indicating that it has stopped responding, but more often it's noticed due to a severe lag on my system when working with other programs.

When this happens, checking my Task Manager shows that BitComet has stopped responding, and I need to End Process (End Task is not sufficient).

BitComet: 1.25

Internet Connection: 16Mb/s cable

Modem: supplied by cable company (model/version unknown)

Router: TP-Link wired/wireless TL-WR641G (ports forwarded with no problems)

Windows: XP SP3

Firewall: Windows

Anti-Virus: AVG Free 2011

While I had the 2nd issue with BitComet 1.24, it's happening a lot more often with 1.25.

I was averaging 2-3 days before BitComet would stop responding. Now I'm lucky to get 15 minutes.

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The first issue is a system matter, and affects all versions.

BitComet can set itself as the default program for handling .torrent files, but so can any other program, and they often do. This means that whichever of those other programs was run last is now the default. Hopefully you can tell any/all other programs that try to grab the filetype, not to do this anymore via their options.

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The weird thing about the first issue, and I'm sorry I didn't post this originally, is the fact that BitComet does show as the default application in the dialog where it asks me if I want to open or save the file. It's only after clicking OK for BitComet to open the torrent file that this error, occasionally, occurs.

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The "open or save" dialogue is a browser, not windows, configuration matter. You tell your browser how you want a given type of file handled when you download it.

Once it's downloaded and you're ready to open it, then Windows' filetype handling takes over.

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The exact error message does vary a bit due to the fact that the actual name of the torrent is included in the error message.

Regretfully I don't recall the message well enough for me to post it at this time. If (when) I see it again I'll make a note of the exact wording and reply with it at that time.

As to what happens, I'll click the OK button (only option), then the error message closes.

Next another message stating that I don't have the rights to write to the temporary directory where the .torrent file is placed. Again, my only option is to click the OK button, which, again, makes the message close.

At this point, I'm back at the page where I tried to start the torrent download and can try again.

Usually I have to go through this process two or three times before it actually works as I'm used to, with BitComet opening the torrent file so that I then (usually) have a choice of which file(s) in the torrent I actually want to download.

The browser is Mozilla Firefox version 3.6.13 (on my desktop) or 3.6.3 (on my laptop)

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