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How to Upload Torrent for points?

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That torrent you are showing is dead, meaning there are no peers downloading it, so unless one comes along, you will never upload.

Its best to find a very popular torrent, download it and let it seed, and you will accumulate points.

Also, this is called "seeding", not "uploading torrents". The phrase "uploading torrents" usually means your the author of the torrent, and I don't think thats what your asking, but if you did infact make this torrent, then either you did something wrong, or its possible you just need to wait until users find it and begin downloading.

You also have a problem with your listening port being blocked. This means that new memebers to the swarm cannot connect to you, they have to wait until you attempt to connect to them. This means if they join the torrent, it could be 30mins or more before you learn they are downloading and by then when you try to upload to them, they may have as much peers as they can handle.

If you want help fixing this problem, then your going to have to read the rules for requesting support "READ THIS before posting", there are links to that topic all through the forum.

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