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MpcStar won't load

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Hi folks,

The purpose of this post is to document a solution to an MPCStar player problem, in case it might be helpful to others.

Yesterday, my MPCStar would not open. I've run it on my Vista Ultimate laptop for a couple of years without problems. I have been mostly opening flv files from a shared folder on my home server. The process "MPCStar.exe" seemed to be running on my Task Manager, but no player window opened. After uninstalling, updating to version 4.9, downgrading to version 3, re-upgrading etc., nothing worked.

Here's the solution that worked: I deleted the "playlist.xml" file in the directory C:\Users\[YourUserName]\AppData\Roaming\TigerPlayer\. Depending on your O/S, this might be placed in a different location. As soon as I deleted the file, the player loaded, and created a new playlist file.

The problem was that the network folder location with my flv files had changed, and it was attempting to load entries from a previous session. So, it was lagging excessively, and the system detecting this a crash or some other kind of error.

Happy new year!


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