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Listen port blocked(unable to open lisen port recently)

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My bitcomet version is 1.25,and os win XP SP3,connection type ADSL.

I had managed to open the listen port before and was working fine for many days, but now from about 3 days i am unable to open it, it shows listen port blocked. Before the port was 16639 and now i tried to open by adding different ports after 16639 was blocked, but still i am unable to open it.

please help.

thank you.

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Yes, that's the problem. When you forward a port in your router you also need to choose an IP address, it stays open for that IP address, but when your computer asks for a new IP address, the router has no port forwarded for the new IP address so all (0-65535) ports become "Blocked"

The easy way to fix this is to use this app. Then you'll need to forward your port again for the new, static, IP address.

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