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Cannot Update The BitComet Scores


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Dear Sir Madam,

According to the BitComet Score webpage, 1 point per 10MB of upload.

However, for the whole of today, the scores had not been updated even though BitComet was showing that my up;oad speed is averaging 1200kB/s. The little increase in the score was due more to the time staying online ( generating 2 Scores per hour ).

Also, when I log-0ff and login again, it takes more than 10mins before u can see the login on the bottom left of the screen.

Is there something wrong with the server?????

Your reply appreciated. Thanks.

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We cannot log users stats in "real-time", they are updated daily. If your really concerned that your upload isn't being credited, then I suggest you record your daily upload and your points earned each day and post the results after a week or so. However, this data will be useful for development, but we can't edit a users stats for missing points/credits, the best we can offer is to try and fix any problems that you can demonstrate exist.

Keep in mind that millions of users use bitcomet each day, and none of them have paid for the software, nor for our service, so we don't have unlimited funds to maintain and service the massive databases that would be required to display realtime data for all users, but for the most part, the system has been working very well. I'm sure there are times when some data is lost, but this cannot be helped.

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Thanks for your reply.

Firstly, I appreciate the free service and efforts offered by BitComet to the community and also the prompt reply.

Like all software, there could be bugs hidden somewhere and whether the software is free or have to be paid for, I would view that the developer will also like to have their software as "bug free" as possible. Developer and users are closely related, they are not independent but inter-dependent.

Why I brought up the issue is sometimes it is ok and sometimes it is not and I couldn't really figure out the pattern. Thus I was hoping that by bringing out the issue to the attention of the developer, they might take note of it and might know the reason behind to resolve the problem. Alas I couldn't follow your suggestion to record the daily scores earned as the score on the BitComet screen is not updated too, if this get updated, the one in the server will also get updated so the 2 is in syn. For example this morning, the score on my account was 8399 and after more than half an hour, it is still there so I logout and login again, the score becomes 8400. From here we see that the "time score" is updated but the "upload score" is not.

Lastly, I hope you don't view this as trying to want to get the "missing scores" as this was never my intention. What I wanted is to bring up a problem I encounter that hopefully will help improve the software when resolved.

Thanks !!!

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