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Cannot seed PLS help


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I really enjoy the torrent communities and sharing files. I appreciate everyone who has shared so much with me. However I cannot seed. this makes me feel like a jerk. I have done everything I can think of I have turned off my windows firewall and excluded bitcomet from my anti-virus firewall. I turned all of my other programs and I even tried to let it run overnight once. However no matter what I do no seeding occurs. I have it set to unlimited so it should seed but it does not. I really do not want to be a leecher can anyone help?

OS- windows XP

ISP- Road runner

Anti-virus- nortan

Router/Modem- SMC8014wg

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There is a "Read This Before Posting" link on top of this page. Read it and try providing all the info within.

Then describe your issue with a little more detail.

E.g. Do you have an open listen port (green status light) or not?

Do you see any remote peers?

Does this happen for every torrent you completed and which is actively seeding in your Task List?

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Your modem includes a wireless router with a firewall, and you must configure it properly to either forward your chosen listen port on that firewall, or to disable the firewall entirely if you chose not to use it.

Remember never to connect to the internet without one working firewall.

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