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how to download multiple files at once?

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hello everybody!!!! :)

i am using bitcomet 1.25

when a torrent is currently downloading and when i start another torrent it stays on queued.

when i stop the currently downloading file and start the other one it works but the currently downloading file is queued

all i ask is how to download multiple files at once???

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go to:

Options>Task>Maximum number of concurrent downloading bittorrent tasks

Change to any number you like, but remember that running more tasks then your upload can support will make you poor peer and a very unattractive trading partner to other peers. In many cases you can actually download the torrents faster if you do them one at a time.

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Could not open all my downloading files as well as my currently completed files. When I try to play the preview, error: "failed to open file". What happened with bitcomet, don't have this problem before, only started yesterday???!! Helped needed urgently regarding my problem or else there's no point for me to continue downloading my existing file....

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Scorpian114, your question has nothing at all to do with this members topic, so doesn't belong here. However if you notice there is an announcement about showing where to report dataloss errors that also contains all the information currently available.

In the meantime, I'd avoid trying to play incomplete downloads and open your completed files directly from windows or your media player, until this issue is resolved.

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