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[NEW] BitComet v1.26 has been released!


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Dear all,

BitComet v1.26 has been released, You are all welcome to download and test this version from the official website.



GUI Improved: improve text information displayed in VIP acceleration dialog

GUI Improved: improve progress bar of disk space in task properties dialog

GUI Improved: new setting in advanced option page to enable/disable auto hash check after downloaded file changed

GUI Improved: new setting in advanced option page to enable/disable disk boost service (only Vista and later)

GUI Improved: display the status of disk boost service in statistical tab (only Vista and later)

GUI Improved: tasks in queue will be displayed in Active task list

GUI Improved: improve re-connection timers displayed in tracker list

GUI Improved: do not display torrent downloading prompt dialog when open a magnet link

GUI Improved: improve GUI font when choosing Traditional Chinese in non-Traditional Chinese Windows

GUI Improved: simplify torrent status icon in torrent history and torrent share list

GUI Improved: do not fix the width of date column in torrent history and torrent share list

GUI Improved: improve display refreshing code of torrent history and torrent share list, reduce CPU usage

GUI Improved: display the default command in context menu of torrent history and torrent share list as bold

GUI Improved: new command in context menu of Torrent Collect list: Add to Torrent Share

GUI Improved: add openbittorrent and publicbt as default trackers when creating torrents

GUI Improved: green light appears after incoming connection established from a remote peer

GUI Improved: add large icon of 256*256 for Vista/Win7

GUI Improved: add new column to Torrent History list: private torrent

GUI Improved: do not lock the width of preview column in task list

GUI Improved: display total download time in task summary tab

GUI Improved: display the number of days in case of downloading left time is more than 24 hours

GUI Improved: check downloaded files at program startup, and display warning icon on task if file missing. It can be disabled in advanced option page.

GUI Changed: Long-Time Seeding renamed to Long-Term Seeding

GUI Bugfix: the downloaded size in task statistical dialog when selecting multiple tasks is invalid

GUI Bugfix: when mouse cursor hovering on system tray icon in XP, the task running info balloon can not be shown

GUI Bugfix: the delete button in toolbar grayed out when pressing Ctrl to select multiple items in Torrent History and Torrent Share

GUI Bugfix: in the global option dialog, the max value of cache size for each connection of HTTP download should be 2MB

GUI Bugfix: after torrent downloaded for Magnet URI, the hidden options in advanced page of task properties dialog is not shown right away

GUI Bugfix: the error message of failure to listen on UDP port is not accurate

Core Improve: using disk boost service to create large files when start downloading, to speed up disk operation, avoid UI no response (only Vista and later)

Core Improve: improve kernel to reduce CPU usage for UI refreshing when downloading BitTorrent task

Core Improve: connect to one only tracker at a time when downloading private torrent, and clear all peers when switching tracker

Core Improve: improve crash report program

Core Improve: improve transport interval of peer exchange

Core Improve: use worker thread to process socket message, thereby reduce message handling in UI thread

Core Bugfix: do not connect to tracker when remove a tracker from tracker list (thanks to kluelos)

Core Bugfix: when listening port disabled in option dialog, program will dead-loop when exit

Please kindly leave your suggestions, feedbacks, and bug reports here.

Thank you for your support!

The BitComet Team

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I certainly don't want to discourage development at all, but might it be possible to slow down the release rate, perhaps holding on to improvements and bundling them?

There were eight new releases last year, from 1.18 through 1.25, nine the year before that, and it looks like we're starting on that same path again this year.

Some tracker sites want to approve each individual version and release before allowing it. They aren't allowing current versions of Vuze yet either. But this situation where they barely get one approved before there's another one, won't fly.

I think there should be some standards about what's enough of a change to warrant a new release number, and that bugfixes and minor updates don't warrant their own numbers.

In any case, could we try to keep it to two new version releases per year and roll everything into those?

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How you said "some tracker sites want to approve each individual version and release before allowing it" is it worth updating to v1.26 yet or should i wait a while till its has been approved by the tracker sites, if the tracker sites have not approved v1.26 yet will the trackers reject it meaning no peer list witch in turn means no down/upload.

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It depends on the particular mix of sites that are your personal favorites. If you spend a lot of your download time there, then you will want to stay with a version that they approve.

I should add that the majority of trackers which allow BitComet at all, allow all versions without checking. However, some have had bad experiences with versions of utorrent, reporting-errors that weren't corrected for a very long time and multiple releases (like the entire 1.9x series), so they understandably want to test everything first.

If you do regularly visit such a tracker, and it won't bother you much not to download from that tracker for a while (until your version is approved) then go ahead and upgrade, but you can't continuously keep up with the very latest, or you'll be in perpetual unapproval. You will have to uninstall/reinstall a lot -- the situation I find myself in, testing new versions.This is the very thing I'm hoping to stop.

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Not without more info. Start a new topic in the BitComet General area and make sure that you provide all the info required in the "Read This Before Posting" topic.

Then try to explain what you mean by "connect to the Internet", i.e. what type of Internet connection you have and why isn't it on all the time, on what type of disk reside your downloads, and what are the steps you follow before this happens.

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Anyone can help me out, i guess from 1.25 and on, my client does not limit download speed any more. I set the speed at 150K, it constantly goes up to more than 200. From my experience, I would like to have that control because of hard disk protection and also avoidance of attention from my administrator. If the team could check the bug, that would be great.

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