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My torrent health goes up, falls to 0%, goes up, falls to 0%...


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Does anyone have an explanation to this behaviour?

I have limited the upload rate. The torrent health just keeps going up and down all the time, and my download speed follows. I.e. it does download really fast while torrent health is high.

Both DHT and WAN ligths are green.

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Torrent health is a value computed from all the peers you're connected to at any point in time and represents the number of aggregate copies of the pieces for that torrent, present in that part (your connected peers) of the swarm.

Given the fact that it is common place in BitTorrent swarms that peers switch connections often and that every peer doesn't have the same percentage of the torrent downloaded already, it's logical that the health will vary, depending on the peers to which you are connected at any moment.

Be it because they found another better peer than you or because they left the swarm, peers may disconnect from you and there is nothing you can do about it.

OTOH, if this happens with every single torrent that you download, this may be a sign that the problem is on your side and in that case we'll have to dig deeper (i.e. we'll need more info). But you didn't specify that yet, so...

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Actually this does happen with all the torrents I download.

At first the leeching/seeding go well, but after a while both fall to 0kB/s and torrent health falls to 0%. Also my internet connection freezes completely when this occurs.

I'm certainly no expert but it does seem to me that my WLAN DSL modem/router can't handle the traffic.

I have been thinking of getting a new separate WLAN router anyway. Do You think this could solve my problem? In that case should I also get a new modem, or is it enough perhaps to turn off the router and WLAN functions on my existing modem?

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