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ADDONS To BItComet Like FireFox


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Other extra features(ANY OTHER EXTRA FEATURES LIKE FIREFOX ADDONS) be made available as supplementary addon after installing BitComet, I think any extra feature as addon would be hit and be appreciated by many users of BitComet?

Whats the use?

Answer: since all the bandwidth is used in bitcomet torrent a browser hangs for when using the bitcomet torrent, a addon browser would be greatly appreciated that works on the same bandwith and connection that torrent has acquired without regaining or loosing (exit/stop) by BitComet side by side (working in conjunction with BitComet).




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Other Internet applications shouldn't "hang" while BitComet runs if you configured BC correctly.

BitComet will use all of the bandwidth only if you didn't tell it not to.

It's your job to make sure that your client is properly configured.

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BitComet has always had a built-in browser, an ancient version of Internet Explorer. However, there is no problem with using BitComet and another web browser at the same time. I'm doing that now. You simply have to configure BitComet the one time.

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every time i format different computers in the computers room i have to do the settings again and again for each computers so please tell me how the bitcomet will save configurations or cofigure itself for each client computers..

so that other internet activities like browsing and downloading can be done

Everytime i do not use other browser do i have to "again do the settings" for each client computers to regain my full torrent upload download bandwidth?( To fully utilize my internet speed?)

Are not any easy solutin to it?

Where is the built in browser in the bitcomet so that i can browse the internet like asp and other types of webpages, doing the login/signin ?

please Excuse!=Solution. Why ancient version had and Newer versions can't have.

Why not Beauty+Brains working together.

I had not expected such speedy reply .

thank you again for your replies


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If you are using a public computer, then you must make adjustments because of that.

The easiest way is to use a thumb drive for BitComet. Download one of the "green" or not-installed versions of bitcomet. Unzip it onto the thumb drive, which I will assume is drive N: in a top-level directory which I will assume is N:\BitComet

Invoke BitComet by navigating to N:\BitComet and double-clicking BitComet.exe.

In your advanced options, set "system.use_app_data" to "false". This step will assure that BitComet writes its options file onto the program directory (which is the thumb drive). The options file will be called "Bitcomet.xml". Edit the remainder of the options as you want them, then save them.

Exit BitComet. Use a text editor like notepad to open the bitcomet.xml file on the thumb drive. You should be able to inspect it to assure it contains the settings you want. Don't try to edit it or save it, just look at it. You're verifying that the file is present, is where you think it is and contains what it should contain.

If the public computers you use are all the same (or you always use the same one) and have the same connection, then you can configure BitComet "generically" for all of them. It's the connection speed that's critical here. Individual differences in the computers don't matter so much. TEST the bandwidth. Set BitComet's global maximum upload speed to 80% of the tested value. If the connections vary a LITTLE, then use the slowest value. If they vary a lot, you'll have to adjust the speed for each machine, but that only takes a moment. Then you should be able to browse or chat while BitComet is running.

Now you should be able to just plug in the thumb drive to whatever computer, and run BitComet off of the thumb drive.

If, for some reason, you can't do this, then configure BitComet on a machine, then find and copy the bitcomet.xml file to a thumb drive. Now you can just copy that file from the thumb drive to the correct location on the computer's hard disk and your preferences will be restored.

The built-in browser is based on MSIE 5, so I don't recommend that you use it at all. There's no reason to, and many people don't. That's probably why updating it has been such a low priority. You can find it in the "Favorites" window, but I disable that window completely. There's nothing in it that I ever use.

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