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website timing out


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***Topic moved from BitComet General section***

I go to a website which requires a username and password. If there is no activity on the website, it logs you out after 5 minutes requiring me to re-enter the username and password. It also requires me to click through a few screens to get back to where I need to be on the website. Is there a way I can keep the website alive automatically?

By the way, I used to use internet explorer - but that has too many problems. Then, I started using firefox - again it's got problems. Next, I gave Opera and some others a try - all had some problem. HOWEVER, Comet seems to be the best of all of them which was a nice surprise!

The two worst browsers are Internet Explorer 9 beta, and RocketMelt. Avoid both of them!

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Some websites will "time-out" a connection for security reasons. If this is a very secure website, then there is nothing you can do to avoid that. Websites for things like Online Banking are often targets of hackers and will disconnect any inactive connection.

Other websites use "cookies" to keep you logged in. If you have disabled cookies in your browser, then you will have this problem. Some websites have an option during log in, usually simply called "keep me logged in", which sets a cookie in your browser to keep you logged in as long as your connected, but even they expire after a set period of time. If you have questions about a specific website, then I recommend you contact their administrator or support team.

Regarding CometBird: Thank you for your kind appraisal. CometBird is a modified/enhanced version of Mozilla FireFox. Many of our users prefer it over FireFox, but both should run equally stable on most systems.

Regarding Internet Explorer: I agree, and personally never use it. For one thing, over 90% of the adware/spyware/malware and HighJacks out there is written to infect I.E. users, so avoiding IE can help you avoid a lot of problems, however some experienced users do like it. I would strongly advise you avoid Beta versions of any browser unless your an expert and want to help in the development of the product. Beta versions are expected to have problems.

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