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97.2% Download?


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This sounds like either an unseeded torrent, or a fake torrent (designed to fail).

For an unseeded torrent (no seeders listed in bitcomet), the only thing you can do is post a request on the trackers website or forum. Sometimes this will work, but if no one returns to reseed it, the torrent will never complete.

There is also a possibility that your "router" (if you even use one) is altering one or more pieces of data making them fail verification, so they are discarded and redownloaded again. This can happen if a router mistakenly alters data it believes is an ip address, changing from your external IP address to your internal IP. This is a common problem when "gaming mode" is enabled.

However I could be wasting my time here because you didn't bother to tell us if you even use a router, as well as the other required info, so you can only blame yourself if our advice isn't correct for your condition. 30 seconds of reading "READ THIS before posting" would likely have solved this problem by now.

If this torrent is fake, you can probably see warnings in the torrents comments on the website you downloaded it on. Fake torrents are designed to never finish, its an anti p2p groups way of harassing file sharers.

In the future, always check for presence of seeders, and look for any warnings in comments where you downloaded the torrent. If a torrent is new and has no comments, then either wait, or accept the fact that it may, or may not be what it claims to be.

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