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need help quick


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if any one can help me i would be grateful i am looking at what is being advertised as a 66 cyclone gt but the having trouble finding what the vin of the car really is two websites i have found say the third and fourth numbers should be 28 for a gt coupe another says 27 but the vin on the radiator core supports reads 27 which everthing says it should be a convertable gt. the car is not a convertable, the tag on the door reads 27 also i have looks for a fender tag and didnt see anything i cant imagine someone took a ultra rare front clip from a convertableand welded it to a hardtop but i cant find enough info on the internet several websites contradict each other i really want this car but dont want to buy a leagal problem or soeones handy work any help would be gratefull for

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Well, if you don't mind a bit of humor as a reply, I'd say if you can't tell the difference between a software support website, and a classic car website, then your completely lost and shouldn't be making any decisions, other then what to have for lunch (for example) lol

But Since I do enjoy classic cars, I will tell you that a car of that age has more then likely had collision repair a number of times. During this process used parts are commonly used. It's also likely that you are getting incorrect data from your sources about what numbers represent. Missing numbers often mean it was a "new" replacement part(new parts don't contain any VIN number). Incorrect numbers could be a "used" replacement part.

If your making a serious investment on a rare and original car, then pay an expert to do an appraisal of the car. Find one who has expertise in recognizing common fakes, or rebadged muscle cars.

I will add that a rebadged muscle car can give you the same enjoyment at a fraction of the cost.

It also has been common to do a serial number swap. I knew people that would buy rusted out Chevelle SS396 cars for a couple hundred dollars (25-30years ago) and swap the serial numbers, drive train and badges onto a Malibu in good condition. If done properly, there is no way to tell the car is a fake.

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