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So I have been using torrent services for years. I understand a lot of how it works and have always had everything set up well. I have my ports forwarded and firewalls configured. So I had AT&T 6mbps DSL and would download about 600-650kbps. Today I switched to a local cable company with a 10mbps downstream speed. When I first got everything hooked up it ran flawlessly. I was downloading files between 1200-1350kbps. I had 44/50(350/1600). and that was great, but about an hour ago everything dropped off. Now my peers section is 0/0(0/1600). the internet is still working and i ran a speedtest at 10.19mbps I have updated trackers. I have rebooted the connection. I have adjusted my ports. I cant figure out why it wont connect to any peers.....

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That's weird. What does the info on the Statistics page say (you can right-click anywhere on that tab and choose "Copy all" then paste the info)?

What about the Peers tab? Does it show any banned peers or just connection attempts?

Do you still have a green status light?

How many tasks are/were you running? (If only one, try others and see if you still can't get any movement.)

Also posting the rest of the info from the "Read This Before Posting" link on top of this page, may be of some use.

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Now my peers section is 0/0(0/1600)

This is of interest.

ALL of the seeders who were previously there have vanished. There's nothing on your end that can do that, this is what the tracker/DHT/PEX are telling you -- that there are no seeders out there anymore.

First, let's try stopping the task, exiting BitComet completely, and restarting everything. Watch it contact the tracker, get the metafile and tell you about seeders.

If there are still none, then this is starting to look real. But just to double-check, you should try the same torrent with another client and see if it still says there are no seeders. (This is a fairly wild goose, I grant.)

Assuming you're still showing no seeders, then you have to take that as given. This could, conceivably, happen if the original torrent was bad for some reason, and was remade. The thing is, the word would have had to spread to all 350 seeders who were out there, almost immediately, and they would have all decided to stop seeding this torrent.

Not likely.

But say it was a fake torrent, and those seeders were never really there in the first place? That would certainly explain how they all vanished in a veritable instant, when the tracker ran through its list and decided it hadn't heard from certain peers in too long, so dropped all of them.

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