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I have been using CometBird for some time now and have recently experienced issues with it not responding. This happens often in one session. How can I prevent this form happening. I have the latest version. Of all the browsers I had found this to be the best up until now.

Many Thanks


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It's not really possible to determine why your browser stopped responding without a lot more information. Firstly, knowing the basic specs of your computer and operating system would be helpful, but also, looking at the memory column on Task Manager would tell you how much memory cometbird was using when it failed to respond. It's possible that your system simply ran out of resources and couldn't continue. This will happen if you simply don't have enough ram memory, or something running is using too much of your cpu's time.

Open task manager and click on the "processes" tab, then on the "memory" column. You may have to click the column twice to have it display from highest to lowest. This will show you which processes are using the most memory.

You can post a screenshot of task manager if you would like us to see if it looks normal. We have a guide for making and posting screenshots in our forum if it's needed.

Also, This topic belongs in our Cometbird section. We will move it there after you reply.

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