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First lesson in computers is when you use all CAPS, your SHOUTING, and it hurts my ears... so please stop!

Second, apple computers likes to think of its customers as cattle and wants to guide them into new ways of doing things, so you learn to do it their way and don't even realize that there is an entire universe full of music and other media that is not only free, it's better, and easier to use, but since their customers can't do anything that iTunes has taught them to do, they are often clueless when it comes to knowing what to do with something as simple as an mp3 file.

So, if you want help using iTunes, then go ask them. If you want help using a computer, media player, mp3 file or whatever, we would be glad to help.

Also, I strongly suggest that if you insist on using apple devices, like an iPod, you learn how to do it without iTunes. WinAmp is one program that I often recommend. There are many modules designed to make it work with ipods so that you don't need to install their bloated commercial "iTunes" software.

If you insist on using iTunes, then good luck.

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