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Server connection and download problem

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When i open my Bitcomet it will not connect to the server. It has been doing this for 5 days now. Normally that would be fine and you could still download right?

But, Nothing will download at all. So i was wondering why it won't connect to the server and im also wondering why it wont download anything.

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I will repeat what I told you when you posted this same question on another members topic.

Please make your own topic but only after reading the rules and posting all required info. With what you provided, no one can even begin to guess what is wrong

Since you seem unable to read rules, kindly click that annoying "READ THIS BEFORE POSTING" link, that you will find in my signature, as well as posted throughout the forum.

When you provide all the required info, then we will have some information to begin to figure out what your problem might be.

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