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Bitcomet refuses to hash check 600gig torrent.


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This section is for reporting bugs, not for requesting support.

I suggest you post a support request with all the required info. Also note that BitComet won't rehashcheck the entire torrent during the download process unless there was some sort of error. Also, hashchecking 600GB can take a very long time.

Also note that we are aware of a very few users that have had dataloss problems. Roughly a dozen or two users out of 2.5million daily users have reported dataloss on large torrents that revert to a much less complete state after hashchecking. Here is how this can happen.

When BitComet downloads, it does so by downloading one very small piece at a time, then uses these pieces to assemble the files for you. If BitComet tries to assemble a file but finds that it does not have all the pieces that were previously downloaded, then it has to stop the process and rehash the torrent, to confirm exactly what data it does, or doesn't have. Then the process will resume.

Dataloss can happen from any number of factors, such as defective harddrive or file system, user error (deleting or accessing files while bitcomet is using them), presence of malware/virus on system, or BitComet may have mishandled the data itself. Our development team has been unable to reproduce any of the reported cases, but we do have a topic on this subject where the development team has asked for some very specific information about torrents that have been effected.

Reports of this problem have slowed considerably (nearly stopped), and there has been some speculation of a virus causing it. If thats the case, it would explain why we have been unable to reproduce the problem.

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