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prioritize uploads?


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There is an option on priority when downloading (normal, high, highest) that influences how much bandwidth is devoted to each task. I'd like to be able to assign a priority to the tasks I upload the same way so I can feel like I'm promoteing file a over file b. No, I don't expect this to limit file b takers when no file a ones are leeching, but if there's requests on both, I'd like to devote most of my bandwidth automatically to file a leechers without having to manually stop b users.

BitComet 1.24

Sprint wireless internet card roughly 5 meg dl/1 meg ul

windows 7/64 bit.

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I think your using the word "file" incorrectly, so none of your post makes any sense.

If I was to take your post literally, then there is no way to prioritize one file over another, because torrents don't download by the file, they download piece by piece and one piece usually contains only a small part of a file, but in the case of very small files, it can contain more then one file, or parts of two or more files.

If your referring to "tasks", and you want one torrent task to have priority over others, then it would make more sense, but keep in mind that since you're using a cellular broadband, you most likely have a blocked listening port so no peers can connect with you unless you initiate the connection, and if they too have blocked listening port, then you can never connect. Also considering that by the time you connect to the tracker and find out that new peer exists, they may have already found all the peers they need and your connection will be choked. This is why peers on cellular often find it difficult to use torrents.

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