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Am I cheated ?


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What does it say when you click "more detailed information"?

Please also send a PM (private message) to Lucy26 with your comet ID and transaction number from your payment. I'm sure she will resolve the matter, but there isn't much we can do here without knowing why it was unable to prepare the channel, it could be simply that there were no available sources for the torrent you were downloading. VIP can speed up the download, but it cannot create data that doesn't exist.

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What does the sentence "Preparing your download channel" ?

Hi miminonomimi, this means the VIP server is seeking and selecting the pieces for you, the preparation time depends on the task size and resource availability. This message will be replaced by "Your download channel is ready" later, this means VIP Acceleration transferring the pieces to you and speeding up your downloads now.

VIP prepare during at least 24 hours..... but it never works.

If the download channel is not ready after 24 hours, you can disable it and get your bandwidth back. They will not be wasted.

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